EbonyWorld Omnimedia delivers simple, straightforward solutions that represent your brand & projects, from small business to specialty projects and encourage prospects to interact with your business offline and online.

EbonyWorld Omnimedia offers creative and affordable design solutions for individuals, small businesses or new ventures specialty is clean, elegant design. I offer advice on art direction, consultation, graphics, layout, production, copywriting and editing services from concept to completion for a wide variety of online and print projects.






You provide the footage. We put it together in an attractive, dynamic package. 

It’s that simple.

Most people and small businesses don’t need massive websites with a ton of features they will never use. 

For the individual or small business that needs a simple 3-5+ page website that clearly communicates their products and services that don’t require a lot of maintenance at an affordable price, EbonyWorld Omnimedia has you covered.*

You’ve got a great site, but now what? There are hundreds of web hosting providers, many offering cheap prices. But you have to either hire someone new or do all the work in terms of updating and maintaining your site at additional time and sometimes very high cost.

Let EbonyWorld Omnimedia host your site with basic maintenance — helping you update and maintain your website — at a great monthly rate! 

Our goal is to assist you with communicating your message and achieving your goals with crisp graphics and modern yet accessible design to reach your audience for maximum success.

These days, everyone is branding. YouTube. Instagram. Twitter. Vimeo. Snapchat. The list is huge! But good brand messaging is not easy.

Let us help you

Develop consistent best practices to shape and guide your branding campaigns.

*We do not provide deep database or programming solutions. We are primary a design and brand identity service. For advanced database solutions, there are many excellent providers to assist you with those services.

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